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The name Propolis is of Greek origin (pro – in fron of and the polis - the city, fortress). Propolis is a resinous substance that bees collect from certain plants and trees and arrange it with their secretions, which are rich in ferments. Bees use it for covering the internal walls of the hive, which achieves high sterility, cleanliness of the hive, keeping them from bacterial infections and external influences. Also, it is used for filling cracks in the hive and regulating the size of the entrance to the hive.

In the case of larger animal (snail, mouse, etc.) which is trying to get into the bee's nest, bees kill it and glues over by propolis, and thus prevent the pollution what would be caused the decay.

The color of propolis depends on the type of plant from which  is collected. It is usually greenish, yellowish or reddish-brownish paint, resin consistency and pleasant, low-odor smell. Eventually it losts the specific smell,  becomes harder and gets darker color.