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Matičnjaci u koje mlade pčele deponuju matičnu mliječRoyal jelly is being produced by young worker bees, old  between 5 and 15 days, working their subfaringealnih and mandibular glands. Royal jelly is thick like sour cream, white to light yellow, sour- bitter tasting.

Razlika između matice i radilice je više nego očita! Podsjećamo da su nastale iz iste vrste jajeta, a jedina razlika je što se matica tokom čitavog razvoja hranila matičnom mliječi!Queen bee, nut, arises from the same species of the egg as the honeybee (worker bee). This means that each of the bees could arises in the queen. The only difference, and the factor that determines whether to develop a queen or honeybee, is the diet during the larval development. Larva from which will develop the queen all the time is being fed royal jelly, while the larva from wich will develop honeybee after the third day continues to feed on pollen and nectar.

The difference between worker bees and the bees nuts, although both are female, is reflected in the following characteristics.

Queen bee
Worker bee
4-6 years
5-7 weeks
Brings down 2000 eggs per day
puny ovaries
Development time
16-17 days
21 days
Royal Jelly
Pollen and nectar

From the previous table, you can conclude how royal jelly affects the lifetime, fertility, growth and development (nut is for about a third higher than the honeybee, and hatches a few days earlier).